A Bittersweet Pill

It is a bittersweet pill that we swallow when we adopt a dog.

ATT_1442239534066_20150110_190603Noogy Butter - January 2015

Noogy; NoogyButter; Noogwadamis; ButterBall; Noogalicious; BuddyBoy; ButtHead…and many, many more names, all of which he would answer to if you had a carrot for him.

Missing Noogs

It has been five months since my canine companion of more than sixteen years has departed this earth, leaving me empty and grieving.  I did not expect, and therefore I am unprepared for, the depth of sorrow I feel at the loss of his presence beside me.  There seems to be a bottomless well of memories and triggers that waft

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