Dream Sequence Series:  Messages and Lessons Number 1. Leaving the Game

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious.”  ~ Sigmund Freud

Since childhood I have been a vivid dreamer and I have long ago given up trying to ignore the fact that these psychic movies contain, below the surface, messages for me; messages my waking mind,  for whatever reason, is unable to confront or acknowledge.

Sometimes, the connection between the pictures that I see in my sleep and real-life occurrences  are obvious, while on other occasions, their meanings are  more elusive and, therefore, harder to decode. Regardless of the interpretive process and the depths to which I must analyze the stories, I stand firm in the belief that there is unquestionably a lesson to be learned, a question to be answered, a reality to be revealed or a foreshadowing of something that is yet to come.

To follow is one of my more recent dreams.

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