The Hokey Pokey

Growing up, my mother had a collection of plaques with different and interesting sayings on them that she displayed throughout our house, but primarily they were located in the kitchen. Even as a child I was fascinated by the written word, but  I was also confused at their appearance on these pieces of wood along with, what I believed to be, their unusual placement on the walls, rather than in books.  Despite my confusion I also found a certain pleasure in being able to access these messages at any time by simply walking into a room and scanning the walls.

As an adult in my own home, I have chosen to continue my mother’s custom; however, I expanded on it a bit.  I have splattered the walls of my Sleepy Hollow like apartment, with its small rooms, dark wood and seven-foot ceilings, with a variety of sayings that suit my individual tastes in the here and now.  Although I am a bit unconventional in nature, I still find comfort in being surrounded by various words of wisdom and encouragement that are timeless and always accessible. Continue reading “The Hokey Pokey”