The Brass Ring

She spent much of her life reaching for the proverbial, but elusive, brass ring.  Along her travels, she found many, but when placed in her hand they all would eventually lose their luster and became tarnished.

Then, one day, she looked in a most uncommon place for such a priceless item, and what she found was indeed different from anything she had ever known before.  She dug deep and unearthed a discolored and dirty circle.  When she lifted it to herself it gleamed and glistened in a special way that none of the brass rings  of the past had ever done.

It was not until she no longer accepted the brass rings that belonged to others, and instead sought out and captured her own that she knew true happiness.  Her charm was not made of precious metal that over time would dull, but rather of earth and stars that were as timeless as time.  It was eternal and would make her heart shine in the same manner for all her days, and she searched no more.

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