Collective Reality

11148214_10205880761452347_4478793759020133931_nLife has little gifts, wrapped in sleepy surprises that arrive quietly on magick’s wings.  I was presented with one of those favors this morning as I slumbered softly for some time after its delivery.  Once, having read it several times over, I lie there in bed, taking in the spirit of the message and the message of the spirits we all send forth.

Each day we go about our lives, tend to our business, and run our errands, often mindlessly, unless we are deliberately and noticeably interrupted by some outside interference that demands we do otherwise.  We believe that our self-constructed sense of who we are is reality, not just our reality, but rather the reality we all share.  As humans, we are unconscious to the fact that we influence people every day, in countless ways, simply through our existence on this planet.  We don’t have to be preachers or teachers, prophets or poets, all that is needed is that we be who we are and be willing to allow others to see us through their reality.

We never know if perhaps, in the course of speaking our truths and living our authentic lives, we will in some way touch another’s soul.  The words or deeds we deliver unto the Universe matters and if we are fortunate, what we give of ourselves will come back to us threefold.  This morning, I awoke to find a gift in the form of a private message written to me by someone who thanked me for giving them a voice through my words.  In return, they revealed to me that collective reality is spiritual, does indeed travel on magick’s wings, and transcends all else.

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Thanks for being a seeker of the truth, on the side of justice and knowing what hate & evil look like…I dont post alot of political stuff but follow yours …Thank you Sister!


Brenda Grace de Jong

What a wonderful way to start my day getting this message from you….Again, thank you, my friend and brother for uplifting my weary spirit.

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