Gypsy Woman

She lives a life that has been created by magick and sustained through respect for tradition and ceremony.

Her life is hectic and she seldom gets enough sleep, she has a huge amount of bills (which she pays herself), she has a bunch of assets (which she takes care of herself), and she makes all her own decisions ( which she accepts the consequences of herself ).  Her days are often exhausting, exhilarating, or both and they always include time to feel the breeze through her hair, the sun or rain on her face, and Spirit in her soul.

She regularly approaches life without thought of limits or restrictions, and at times this approach has created problems for her where none had previously existed.  Conversely, it has also provided her with occasions by which she has soared with the eagles and traveled to places others have only imagined.

She avoids pondering outcomes, because in her world practicality and spirituality must be in synchronicity.  She sows her seeds satisfied in believing only that they will bear fruit without ever worrying about when or how much.

She did her growing up in bar rooms and boardrooms and is equally comfortable in both.  She can cut you down with an icy stare just as easily as she can hold you in her arms and wipe away your tears.

She is loyal, at times to a fault, and to be her friend you must understand that she is a solitary and needs time alone not only to sustain herself, but also to maintain that loyalty. She enjoys friends that she can play, have fun, and  laugh with.  She needs introspection to seek quiet, to find peace, and to heal.

She walks in the rain, reads Chaucer, blows bubbles, does not wear shoes.

For all these things, I am truly grateful.


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