Grammar Rant

Last night, while reading posts on a social media site, I began to feel my blood pressure rising, the capillaries in my eyes swelling to the verge of bursting, and the last nerve in my body twanging to the point of popping.  My anxiety level rose, my sense of hopelessness increased, and I felt as if I might actually swoon. Continue reading “Grammar Rant”

That ‘f’ Word

[I would like to share this beautiful comment I received from a dear and long-time friend on one of my blog posts.  Included here is my response to her.  I assure you there is a motive to my madness.]

“Brenda you’re a beautiful writer and for extra few bucks I know you can make people laugh. [I am]Laughing so hard at your witty sense of humor surrounding I know to be very real events. Your ability to take on these Continue reading “That ‘f’ Word”