Transformation, Progression, and Evolution

“When does a boulder become a rock? When does a rock become a stone? A stone a pebble? And a pebble a grain of sand?”

(8 August 2010)

And, so is the evolutionary cycle of life for a scrap of hard, non-metallic matter.

This is not that dissimilar to the progression of a human being’s existence.  Whether it be throughout the course of one lifetime or over hundreds, how different is it?

The soul that is birthed, or re-birthed, into their current body does so laden with unresolved issues and unlearned lessons, which the physical and psychological form inherits, and so begins another ‘human condition’.  Individual circumstances of this origin and its ensuing years have been mapped out long before the soul enters a new human vessel.  Its parents, siblings, geography, education, employment, income, status, Continue reading “Transformation, Progression, and Evolution”

Stand Up For Yourself

I think the heart of living a spiritual life is in having the awareness of and ability to integrate all the splintered pieces of who we are in order for us to become the persons we are meant to be.  The evolution of the soul provides the knowledge of, and confidence to, stand in our own truth, no matter the unpopularity or repercussions doing so may cause us or others – as they have their own journeys also.  It is through intuition, faith, and the desire to become whole that we find the courage to be able to reflect outwardly the divine soul that is contained within this vehicle we call our body.  And, it is only in doing so that we can achieve true freedom.