Transformation, Progression, and Evolution

“When does a boulder become a rock? When does a rock become a stone? A stone a pebble? And a pebble a grain of sand?”

(8 August 2010)

And, so is the evolutionary cycle of life for a scrap of hard, non-metallic matter.

This is not that dissimilar to the progression of a human being’s existence.  Whether it be throughout the course of one lifetime or over hundreds, how different is it?

The soul that is birthed, or re-birthed, into their current body does so laden with unresolved issues and unlearned lessons, which the physical and psychological form inherits, and so begins another ‘human condition’.  Individual circumstances of this origin and its ensuing years have been mapped out long before the soul enters a new human vessel.  Its parents, siblings, geography, education, employment, income, status, and length of time on this planet are all pre-ordained by the Higher Self in its quest for evolutionary perfection.

The soul has chosen, with intent, the people and events that, along with joy, may cause pain such as trauma, hardship, sorrow, and isolation to the person.  There exists the question of why a positive spiritual energy would choose, if indeed that is true, to create a landscape that is filled with bleakness.  Why is it that a soul would elect to enter a tragedy-filled existence when it could, just as easily be born into a charmed life of luxury, or at least one of comfort?

Perhaps the answer to the above lay within the parallel progression of human and stone.  Like the boulder that is pounded by the ocean’s waves on its journey to becoming a rock, so may the person be pummeled on their voyage to wholeness.  The boulder does not question the motives of the waves, or the rain, or the wind, but rather stands strong and accepts the storms when they arrive as mere natural occurrences, rather than permanent and personal punishments.

When a boulder has weathered a sufficient number of storms, which results in its being reduced in size to that of a rock, a calm occurs.  The ability to withstand the Universe’s tempests has brought it to a place of peace in which it can rest within the unseen gentler waters of the ocean that exist beneath the surface.

The soul, after having been beaten by some of life’s learning challenges—in this, or other lifetimes—may choose to sojourn in an environment that is more temperate than the previous one.  This is a time that the spirit has chosen to serve as a respite, whether it is for a brief time, or for centuries.  Much like the rock, the soul can enjoy the time of rest, knowing that tumultuous times will occur, but they will be briefer and milder than previous turbulent times.  Life, like the ocean, is not static.

In another lifetime, the most recent incarnation may be likened to the stone that is tossed about in various different manners for any number of reasons.  Modern machinery may inadvertently transform it into a missile propelling it into the air, or perhaps with its might, crush is altogether.

The greatest parallel is that of a human form who utilizes a rock as a form of entertainment; a plaything to kick along throughout his or her trek from one point to another, whether that is physically in the present or metaphorically in perpetuity.

Life and other humans may beat up, pitch about, or even destroy the person, but within the trials that the physical form and its accompanying emotional component endure, is a gift.  Whatever it is that the individual spirits need, has been provided through these occurrences and hardships.  The spiritual self has chosen to be this ‘rock’ and has plotted the course that it would take on this go-round in order to achieve its highest good.

As the recurrent pummeling has diminished the rock, so may its human counterpart also have been made smaller through the ages of prevailing adversities.  Each battering causes the avatar to shed not only size, but also Universal weight, as this was the impetus for the current lifetime’s creation.  At the completion of this process, the stone, having been repeatedly catapulted, may discover itself under an ancient tree, surrounded by wildlife and foliage where it will remain to rest in the stillness.  The soul may elect to linger in an extended state of dormancy after a lifetime such as this.  Our inner selves may re-connect with other souls and chart the course for its continued advancement.

Pebbles exist everywhere on this planet, Earth, and are usually small enough to be overlooked and ignored.  These small pieces of hardened material are unseen and taken for granted.  They function solely as the basis for larger and more exalted projects, and often provide nothing more significant than that of an avenue for transport.  The pebbles do not question their worth, nor do they think ill of themselves.

Were pebbles living beings, they would be humbled by the treatment they sustain.  And, akin to those pebbles, a human may experience mirror-like treatments and responses.  Rather than overt abuse, more recent incarnations may be focused more on neglect and isolation.  Feeling used, our human may retreat—physically, emotionally, or both in an effort to fulfill the soul’s current intention.

As pebbles shrink in size, they become transformed into grains of sand.   These minute sand particles are so light that they can be carried on the wind and transported to places and wonders never know to them before.   They are no longer defined, ignored, battered, or subjected to any other distinguishing limitation that had been put upon them—they just are.

The physical forms that souls inhabit during their time on this planet have been witness to actions that can be solely and naively defined by man as good and bad; happy or sad; well and ill; smart or stupid.   The higher self has prodded the human to think neither more, nor less, of themselves, but rather to look within, focusing on the light of their being, and then integrate the body with the soul.  In doing so, an internal atmosphere of acceptance and calm is born; the struggles are over.

Life, the environment, and the Universe are always in motion.  Change is constant and time is not linear.  Energy, in all its form, is in constant communication with each other, throughout millennia and lifetimes.

And, so is the evolutionary cycle of life for the soul.

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