So Mote it Be!

I grew up with a large Irish influence and learned early in life about superstitions and traditions along with the importance of each.  It was imperative to adhere to these long-standing traditions and sacred customs lest bad luck fall upon the poor soul who dared to break from them.

When moving into a new home it was mandatory to introduce salt, bread, holy water, and a new broom into the dwelling before any other items could be moved in or put in place.  I have never questioned this custom, despite my penchant for moving often and purchasing what seemed to be an endless supply of these items.

I have one broom outside each of the three entrances to my home. These portals not only provide me with a place to store my new brooms, but their location also gives me easy access to a tool needed to sweep away what is not wanted, be it evil or not.

There are some people who, because of that, and well, maybe also just a few other things, believe me to be a witch.  In reality I am not a witch nor do I practice Wicca.   I do, however subscribe to the  religion of olde, have symbolic items of earth-based practices about my house and yard, and display a cadre of lit candles at most times.

Upon arriving at work one day, I came upon a sight that I thought would be of interest to those who know me and tease me about my unorthodox ways.  I pray that I am always able to stand in my own beliefs and allow my friends and family to  poke fun at them while loving me for having them.  Life is too short to be too serious about too many things that matter too little.

So Mote it Be!

2 thoughts on “So Mote it Be!

  1. Hi Brenda, this is Maureen AKA Rena, I am trying to retire Rena. I just read your family’s spiritual customs and actually wrote them down in my book of such things. I do have a question about the brooms outside your doors. are the brooms touching the ground with the handle to the sky ? I was taught that when the broom is pointed to the ground it allows people and energy to come in , I was told by my dear friend Diane who has crossed over years ago, you may remember her, she was Irish and Italian, that only when you are at spiritual war or want to repel something or someone,do you have the sweeping end of the broom pointed to the sky. What is your customs regarding the broom. Do you place it on the side of the door where it opens or near the hinges ?


    1. Hey, Maureen! There is so much folklore about brooms and most of them are about things not to do with your broom, lest they bestow bad luck upon you. I pay little attention to these admonishments, I do however hold true to the theory that a broom should reside next to the door(s). I exclusively use two out of the three entrances to my home. Both of those doors have the brooms, bristles facing skyward for several reasons. First is to be kind to the poor work end so that it will not become lopsided and be ruined prematurely. Secondly, this way it is able to catch any negative energy that is attempting to enter and sweep it away (it should occasionally be smudged or used to sweep away a line of salt. This position is also a sign of welcoming to those I wish to allow into my home. As to the which side of the door it will occupy, I am ruled by two things: the ability to be of service on either side and the wish of the broom. One of my doors does not allow for the broom to stand guard on the hinged side, therefore it resides on the side that opens into the house. Another door does permit for its existence on either right or left and I find that the broom will speak to me and request a change of venue from time to time. For reasons I cannot explain, I have often approached the door and felt the urge to move the broom from its current position to the other side of the door. It is an uncomfortable feeling that just seems to tell me the wrongness of its current position. The third door gets a miniature broom, bristles pointed down, attached to the seasonal wreath on that door. Though small but mighty, this broom heralds the warning, ‘Keep Out’ to all the woolyboogers that may want to villainously enter.

      And that’s my story!


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